We have seen a small country evolve and become a gem in the world. South Korea is continuing to captivate the entire world with its culture that makes its way into everything Korean. One more thing Koreans can school you on is how to have fun. If you don’t know what to do with your summer vacation, South Korea can definitely show you how to make the most of your time with its 3 largest summer festivals.

South Korea’s entertainment industry far transcends the film and musical aspects. Koreans know how to have fun, so almost any activity turns into something big. One thing South Korea is big on is Festivals. There are a ton of festivals to celebrate almost anything, in no particular order; we will mention a few that have attracted the entire world, some of these festivals have even been called the largest festivals in the world. In South Korea you go big or go home, that’s just how Koreans are.

Boryeong Mud Festival

Mud Wrestiling Summer Fetival
Mud Slide Summer Festival
boryeong mud festival
Mud Swimming Summer Festival
boryeong mud festival

If you are looking to just be a kid again and frolic in the mud like there is no tomorrow, then this place is for you. While the festival actually began from an event that was only supposed to promote skin products made from Boryeong mud that is said to be nutritious and good for the skin; this event is known to attract some of the largest tourists numbers in South Korea.

Given the number of people that flock in one place just to enjoy the mud over a period of a week, the Boryeong Mud Festival is considered one of the biggest events in the world. The festival is held at Daecheon Beach, you do not have to worry about getting there because there are usually buses that leave the Incheon airport to transport tourists to the beach and you can find tickets online or at the festival.

The event atmosphere is a very stress-free, excited, and silly atmosphere that attracts all ages. There are mud activities for kids as well as grown-ups that include, mud wrestling, mudslides, mud swimming, etc. The event usually goes from before noon to late in the night with night performances. Everyone has to experience this festival at least once in their life.

Water Gun/Splash Festival

Water Splash gun summer festival opening ceremony
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Water gun fight - summr festival
Kelowna now
Water gun fight summer festival

South Korea gets extremely hot in the summer, and the country has found just the right way to forget its weather problems. The Water Gun Festival first took place in 2013 at Sinchon in Seoul. The festival has since grown to attract larger numbers every and has been voted one of Seoul’s best events for three years in a row.

The atmosphere is epic, exciting and it is for all ages, with highlights in activities like the mega opening ceremony full of performances, the umbrella performance, the unique water gun wedding, and the water gun fight where every participant will be firing their water gun. While the even always has different themes for each year, it is still tailored to accommodate all ages.

There are giant water slides on multiple points and other complementary activities. You can definitely guess that you do not have to be dressed in a bathing suit since this does not take place at the beach, but you can take a chaining pair of clothes. it is also a given with the privilege of K-pop that there will be a lot of musical performances to enjoy.

Pohang International Fireworks Festival

Fireworks Summer Festival
Fireworks Summer Festival
Korea Tourism
Firework summer festival

Laid on the South Eastern Coast of South Korea is Pohang. Two major things the city is known for are, seaport and the biggest international fireworks festival. The Seoul International Fireworks Festival is second to Pohang International Fireworks Festival. While it takes place in the summer, the festival is a pure show of Yeongildae Beach’s glorious night sky, creativity, and artistic performances.

A number of activities surround the festival that starts in the afternoon. Some activities include busking festival, k-pop artist appearances and performances, opening ceremony in the evening performed on a special stage. There have also been firework competitions that have collaborated firework displays from Canada, Japan as well as Korea. Themed performances and musical shows never miss the day.

These are some of South Korea’s top three Summer festivals that have attracted the whole world. If you have never thought of going to South Korea before, now you certainly have a reason to. It will be the time of your life.