Korea is a country filled with couples. After walking the streets of Seoul, you might have noticed there is a lot of couples going on dates, wearing cute couple outfits, doing couple activities… But dating can be hard in Korea for foreigners. Dating apps are becoming more popular here, so this is a good way to meet new people and potential partners.


Noondate is a Korean dating App and the majority of people you will find on here are Koreans. It works very different from Tinder and Bumble, as the name suggests, around noon each day, the app will introduce two people to you that are near you and you can choose one of them. If the other person likes you too, it will be a match.


1km is also one of the popular dating apps in Korea. For those who are not familiar with this app, it will show people to you that are not further than 1km away and on the app you can join certain clubs based on your interests, for example the hiking club or reading club, so you can meet people that share the same hobbies as you.


I think almost everyone is familiar with this one. Tinder is all over the world probably one of the most used dating apps. Over the years, Tinder has also gained popularity in Korea and you will find a good mix between foreigners and Koreans on the app.


Bumble, like Tinder, is also a non-Korean dating app and the majority of people on this app are foreigners or Koreans who studied/lived abroad. Bumble works similar like Tinder, where you can match with people by swiping them `right`, but a difference is that the girls have to text first to open the conversation.


Even though Meef is advertised as being an app to find friends, its easy to find romantic relationships there as well. It is also nice if you are just looking for a language exchange partner since there are many people offering to teach Korean.

Is Tinder popular in Korea?

When Tinder first came to Korea in 2015, it was mainly used by foreigners. But over the years it became a popular dating app among Koreans too.

On what dating app can you meet Korean people?

Noondate is a very good app if you are looking to date a Korean person.

Where can I find a Korean language exchange partner?

The app meef is not only for dating, but a lot of people also use it for language exchange purposes.