If someone were to ask to go to South Korea, which location would first come to your mind? Would you even consider Busan? Most probably, if you have heard much about it. However, if you know even a tiny bit about South Korea, you would probably say Seoul right? Understandably so, it being the capital of the country Seoul is the biggest city in South Korea and the one most known to the world. But today we want to introduce you or if you already know this; we want to give you more reasons to let your interest in South Korea be shared by one of the most amazing cities in South Korea: Busan.

Based on the South-Eastern Peninsula coastline of the country, Busan is home to the most scenic sights and the second-biggest city in South Korea. It has the most beautiful mountains that form part of the landscape surrounding the residential areas, and because of its elevated landscape, it has the advantage of the most beautiful mountain top observatories.

Some of the most popular aspects of the city include the fact that it has the largest port in the country, largest fish market as a result. One of the most popular department stores in the country, Lotte has also found a home in this haven, and even though it has evolved with technological influences and civilization – Busan has found a way to still preserve its cultural treasures that now serve as tourist attractions.

Busan Attraction South Korea

So what’s in Busan that can make your trip worthwhile?

Visiting Gamcheon Village

Gamcheon Attraction, Busan South Korea
photo credits: lonely planet
Gamcheon Attraction Busan
photo credits: going somewhere slowly

Being one of the two cities that were still under the control of Korea during the Korean War; some say that Gamcheon village became a home for refugees that were as a result of the war, while others say this is the village where the poor people of Korea moved and made a community for themselves. Either way, this place that takes its place almost at the valley of two mountains, with its stair fashion architectural design to fit into the mountains; is the most colorful residential place in Korea. Yes, it is still under inhabitation by its residents, and as you walk the street you will come across more artistic displays still reflecting the colorful nature of the community.

Looking for an instagram worthy spot? You will definitely find it here. When you are done here its time to go to:

Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach Busan
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If you just google Haeundae beach, there are a ton of things that can come up. It is the biggest beach in Korea and the one with so many things to see. Yes, you can sit and chill in the summer sun if that’s what you are looking for. There are a lot of daily activities that take place here; to mention a few this is where the biggest film festival is held yearly.

Ever heard of Korean nightlife? This Beach is the epitome of Korean nightlife. It literally comes to life at night. Restaurants are open at night, nearby street food, live musical performances, bars for those that looking to alter their state of sobriety, and beautiful fireworks. It’s different things for different folks and you will most definitely find something for you too.

Oryukdo Skywalk

Free to the public and one of the most scenic views of the ocean, this observatory has a catch to it. It is made out of glass. That’s right, so what that means is as you are walking here you get an elevated feeling as though you are walking in the sky; hence the name. One of the iconic features of the city.

Could be one of the most instagrammable sights ever. you will be asked to wear a shoe cover to protect the glass and definitely change if you have high heels on.

So now after you are done with some tourist stuff, you can want some Korean fashion inspiration. You are in Korea after all, might as well make the best of the best fashion sense.

So what do you do from here;? Get ready to get your fashion shopping on at one of the most amazing places, wait for it:

Oryukdo Skywalk Busan
Korea Tourism Organisation

Shinsegae Centum City

Shinsegae Centum City Busan

Having been named the world’s largest shopping complex in the world at some point, Shinsegae certainly is still amongst the top ten of the largest in the world right now. So consider yourself lucky to be able to make it here. The complex is made of two wings; the east and the west wing. One with nine floors and the other with fourteen floors; it is huuuuuge.

Be aware that it houses some of the finest department stores, so be ready to part with a generous amount of money for the products you will buy. It’s really easy to access the shopping complex through the Busan subway line, Centum City Station and it is very close to the Haeundae beach. Go on and have some retail therapy.

If those don’t speak to you, there is always the arcade right in the centre, ice skating and restaurants to sit and dine.

Nampondong, Gukjae Market & Biff Square

Nampondong Busan
Nampondong: TheTravelShots
Gukjae Market Busan
Gukjae Market: Encirclephotos
Biff Square Busan
Biff Square: Korea Tourism Organisation

If you have never been in a place where you can get three different attractions at the same time, well now you can as you come to Busan. Visit Nampondong Street, this street is filled with a ton of things to fill your senses. Amazing Korean street food, Shopping, vintage or cultural clothing, great restaurants, and even access to the amazing and affordable Nampondong underground shopping mall.

From Nampondong, you are naturally led into the Gukjae Market. Filled with rich history and cultural significance, Gukjae Market- which actually means International Market, is a place of trade (good shopping). There is nothing you cannot get at Gukjae Market so you may as well buy something, some souvenirs would certainly do no harm. After this you can rest and get some food at the Gukjae food Market; a very well-organized market.

BIFF Square, short for Busan International Film Festival Square. The Busan International Film Festival is one of the largest festivals in Busan. The square is filled with cinemas and theatres as you would imagine, but there are also restaurants around which are at your service whether or not you are there to drama binge, or you can easily access the square’s street food market.

How Far is Busan from Seoul?

Very short by flight and 2 hours 30 minutes by bullet train

What is the weather like in Busan?

The temperature Busan can also get extremely hot or cold but it is a bit better than Seoul

When is Busan’s Film Festival

Though the dates vary per year, it is normally in the month of October