Do you watch a lot of K-Dramas? If you do, then this is the right article for you. Watching K-Drama can just be a mode of past time, but it also brings in a number of dedicated fanbase too. If you are the latter, then I’m sure you want to be getting your hands on items that the character uses or anything that is significant to the plot of the Drama. Getting a merchandise of the drama will make you feel like you are one of the character of the drama.

If you are an avid old time K-drama fan, you must have probably wanted to get them too. Living outside Korea may make it difficult for you to get your hands on these items, but fret not as we have a solution for you! Check out this list for information on the items and how to get them.

1. Zombie Kid Book from the K-drama It’s Okay not to be Okay

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Last year, the drama It’s Okay Not to be Okay starring Actor Kim Soohyun and Actress Seo Yeji garnered a lot of attention on its uncommon outlook of characters and touching on important subjects. This drama attracted many fans especially as the actors portrayal of the characters were perfect. The drama talks about mental health and giving the message that it is indeed okay to not be okay. Its fairytale story book that was told in the drama also contains positive messages concerning mental health and can be a lesson for not only kids but for adults too.

If you want to get your hands on a copy of the book “Zombie Kid” or Ko Moon Young’s other books like “Spring Day’s Dog” and “Looking for the Real Real Face”, you can check it out here.

2. Nam Dosan Scrubber from the K-drama Start Up

Start-Up / Nam Do San&
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Another hit drama from the year 2020, Start Up. This drama about youth aspiration and starting up on your own in whatever stage you are in live brings a touches a lot of viewer’s heart due to its realistic portrayal of the current youth’s struggle. With Actors Nam Joohyuk and Kim Seonho and Actresses Bae Suzy and Kang Hanna, it is the perfect visual quartet as well as acting. Which is why it is not shocking that this drama have made headlines all over the world. If you have seen this drama, the scrub above would have been very familiar. It is the scrub that Nam Dosan made himself as a member of the student knitting club.

Start-Up / Nam Do San's RGB Scrubber Set (3ea) – The Daebak Company

The scrubber set is in three colors, red, green, and blue, the three primary color that Nam Dosan loves and even set up for the three colors of Samsan Tech. If you are not living in Korea, then I suggest checking it out here if you want to purchase this cute scrubber.

3. Worry Doll from the K-Drama True Beauty

True Beauty / Guatemala Worry Dolls (6ea + Pouch)
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This drama that was released early in 2021 have also gained a lot of popularity from the K-Drama lovers and newcomers too. It has given attention to many of the actors who played in this drama, especially the three main leads, Cha Eunwoo, Moon Gayoung, and Hwang Inyeop. These three have been attracting many commercial deals and getting the hearts of many fans all over the world due to their cute chemistries and fun story.

Worry Doll from True Beauty from Jookyung to Suho

For those who have watched True Beauty, they definitely remember this scene when Im Jugyeong gave Suho this gift when he was worried about many different things. The story behind this worry doll is true as it is a traditional Guatemalan doll that will take away your worries when you go to sleep. If you want to get it on your doorstep, you can hop on this this link over here.

4. Pig Rabbit Doll from the K-drama You’re Beautiful

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Any old school or even new K-Drama fans will definitely have heard of this classic must-watch drama called You’re beautiful. The drama is complete with a star-studded cast of Jang Geunseok, Park Shinhye, Jung Yonghwa, Lee Hongki. Although this drama is old, it is one of the classics that you definitely should not miss out on. This drama is about Ko Minyeo, a girl who pretended to be her twin brother Ko Minam who was about to be recruited in a band.

If you have seen this drama, then you must be familiar with the Pig Rabbit doll, seen from a scene when Minam gifted Taekyung this Rabbit Pig. This plushie also comes with a voice recording function just like in the drama. You should definitely get one if you were a fan and wanted to get this unique doll. You can get it here.

5. Poipot Doll from the K-Drama Goblin

Goblin / Poipot Doll
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Goblin fans there is one thing for you too! This Poipot doll that is seen multiple times next to Ji Euntak or even the Mr. Goblin himself. This red and cute plushie should definitely be in your list of K-Drama merch too. Although the Buckwheat doll is more popular, this Poipot doll should be gaining attention too. Goblin is a drama starring many popular actors like Gong Yoo, Kim Goeun, Lee Dongwook, Yoo Inna and BTOB member Yook Sungjae. This drama is extremely popular for its amazing cinematic backgrounds and unique storyline.

Cute Buckwheat Plush Rag Doll in Korean drama, Goblin(Dokkaebi) episode 5 -  Kpopndrama

If you also want to get your hands on this cute smiling Poipot doll, check it out here.

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How to get Korean Merchandise if I don’t live in Korea?

You can check out websites, for example, to purchase items all about Korea.

How to get BTS stuff online?

You can check out their WeVerse store for official merchandises and other websites like for products they have endorsed, or any other stuffs related to them or other K-Pop Idols.

What are some good K-Dramas to watch for a newbie?

If you like classic youthful romance like True Beauty, definitely check out You’re Beautiful, Boys Over Flower, Extraordinary You and The Heirs for cute young romance.

What is the title of the story book Ko Moonyoung wrote in It’s Okay not to be Okay?

There are a few story book that Ko Moonyoung wrote in the drama, however if you are talking about the last one she published, it is called Zombie Kid.