The pandemic have limited the movement of everyone everywhere. Especially as meetings have been reduced, this reduced everyone’s shopping habit as there are less outings that are planned. Also, due to social distancing, it has made shopping become an additional task for people who tries to stay at home. The solution for this problem is online shopping. For those who love shopping but are not able to do so, and now as the situation has slowly become better, there will be more things to dress up for. Online shopping only requires your hands to do the work and you would not need to move an inch from your bed.

Looking for a trendy and reliable online shopping sites or apps might be difficult especially for foreigners who loves Korean Fashion. Which is why this article will help you find the best foreigner-friendly online site or mobile apps that can bring Korean fashion to your door. Some ships worldwide while some does not, so please do take note of this while looking at this list.

BRANDI – Mobile App that can bring your orders to your door the next morning!

Zigzag vs. Brandi vs. Ably: The 3 leading fashion eCommerce startups in  Korea.
E-Commerce App for the trendiest Korean Fashion

BRANDI have been leading in the Korean fashion e-commerce market due to their attractive shopping options, easy-to-use app, super quick delivery, and cheap prices. Many Korean e-commerces have been attracting customers by offering fast delivery, and BRANDI is one of them. BRANDI is an app that connects individual sellers to buyers, and they mostly sell clothes for women. Their price are also usually reasonable so do not hesitate to check it out!

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Ably – Mobile App that promises the perfect fashion match with AI

20,000,000 people’s AI Shopping Mate

Ably is an app that is quite similar to Brandi, however, they have a specific edge in which they are able to cater the fashion recommendations based on your personal tastes. Their motto is that they are people’s AI shopping mate, so it can be easy for people to look for the designs or style they usually like. They also only have women fashion so please take note of that.

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MUSINSA.COM – Your Korean street fashion shopping site

MUSINSA STORE’s Home: your street style e-tail site

Musinsa is probably one of the biggest online website and app for Korean fashion in korea. However, different from the other apps, MUSINSA mostly connects business to customers, so it is usually from a brand you may be familiar with. They also have male and female korean fashion, mostly streetwear.

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Zigzag – a Combination of Female Korean Fashion Shopping Malls

Kakao in talks to acquire fashion shopping app Zigzag: report
Female Shopping Malls

Another female shopping mall app in the lineup. This may be due to the fact that there are more consumers for female fashion and there are also more varieties of female korean fashions. In korea, shopping malls usually refer to these online fashion sellers rather than the building, so zigzag is an app of these smaller online fashion sellers to promote their products to a larger audience.

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Are Zigzag, Ably, Brandi available in English?

Unfortunately they are available in Korean

Are these sites trusted?

Yes, they have several methods to check the trustworthiness of the seller so do not worry!

Can I order from abroad?

Unfortunately it is not possible.