When looking for fun exciting activities to do on a trip or just looking for something to do; the city of Seoul in South Korea will not let you down. Time to take your pen and write down a fun itinerary. It’s already very evident that it is a city that never sleeps; I am sure you have heard of Seoul nightlife by now, and also of Itaewon- the places to be if you are looking for a good time.

Then there is the bang culture, from this – you will see that pretty much any activity can be hyped up and accessorized to the point where it becomes a thing. If you are not a night out type of person that’s ok too; Seoul has a lot of other things for everyone.

Hit Myeongdong District

Myeondong - Fun, exciting things to do in Seoul South Korea
photo credits: ivisitkorea

Known to be one of Seoul’s main shopping districts, Myyeong-dong is a fun, exciting hub of shops and easily accessible even with metro trains. The city caters to every income class from low to high; you can literally do the bulk of your shopping here. You will also find amongst other things global brands like Polo, Louis Vuitton, etc. and there is even an underground shopping center for people seeking very low prices. Then there is Korea’s specialty; skin products; where else to get the best skin products except for right where they are made.

After being fully satisfied with retail therapy which everyone needs once in a while; then it is time for you to choose what you will eat. That’s another aspect in which Myeong-dong excels. There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and street food. So how about having something out of the ordinary you can only find in this place?

Korean Barbecue

Korean Barbecue - Fun things to do in Seoul South Korea
photo credits: eaterla

I am sure you have heard of it, if you have ever come across Korean restaurants in any part of the world, you have probably been privy to see how they grill their meat. However when you are in Korea, it will be like no other place, you will see how fun and exciting Korean Barbecue is. So the main character of this event is nothing other than Korean beef.

Known to be one of the best, the prime meat does not need a lot of seasoning while tougher cuts can be marinated ahead of time. What is exciting about this is that it’s a whole event. The meat isn’t just thrown at you with a side dish of western fries, no there is a whole science to it that can convince you that you are eating healthy.

A ton of side dishes go with the main dish: Lettuces and perilla leaves, one of the main sauces that make the barbecue-ssamjang sauce and spicy garnishes to top it. Combined, you will feel your mouth explode as you munch on this powerhouse of flavor. After this it is time for some dessert:

Rose-shaped Ice Cream

Rose Shaped ice cream- Fun exciting things in Seoul south korea
photo credits: girleatworld

Hey now!! I don’t care if you don’t love ice or if you don’t take cold things in winter, but when you see something like this you just have to stop and take a rain-check. I mean it looks absolutely amazing, and you will find that it has quite a number of flavors which will most probably be to your liking. You can eat this as you are just walking down the street or as dessert, but you have to try it before leaving Myeong-dong -especially if you are a tourist because you may never get this chance again.

So let’s say that I cream does not work for you; that’s ok. However if you are not averse of cold stuff then we still have something for you:

Korean Shaved-Ice – Bingsu

Shaved Ice cream: Fun, exciting things to do in Seoul
photo credits: secretlifeoffatbacks

Yup, you heard right. By now I think it is pretty clear that Koreans are very creative people, anything becomes something. You guessed it, it is a chilly dessert made out of ice, a delicacy best enjoyable in summer. So much goes into this dish to make it a dessert; sweet red bean paste, sweetened condensed milk, the fruit of your choice – in this case it is certainly strawberry flavored which means chopped strawberries were used along with the syrup.

Well there you have it, an ice dessert!

Gangnam Square Entertainment

Gangnam Square - fun things to do in Seoul South Korea
photo credits: channel korea

After your lunch, you can decide to head toward the Gangnam district. Known for its high level of wealth and plastic surgery clinics, another hype about this district is Gangnam Square. Home to some of the biggest entertainment companies, Gangnam district buzzes with entertainment even on the streets. You will run across musical performances, high tech, creative 3D structures on the walls. You can climb onto the stage and take a selfie. Your day will be filled with a lot of adventure.

Namsan Seoul Tower

N Seoul tower-fun things to do in Seoul

Normally referred to as the N Seoul Tower; this is an iconic spot for tourists. After a busy day, it would be good to gently go with the cool of the day onto the Namsan mountain top. While at the tower you will get a panoramic view of the city of Seoul in all its glory, under the stars, and with all city lights.

The observatory is not the only form of entertainment you will find here. Amongst other things, you will find a park full of cable cars, write on the love padlocks in case your loved ones ever come here and finds it, get a hint of the Hanbok culture at the center and to finish the evening you can choose to have dinner at one of the most amazing dining places right at the tower.

You can get to the Namsan Tower through shuttle buses that can be accessed at subway stations. A day well spent.