South Korea, hmmm if there is a country that has taken the world by storm and still continues to do so, it is none other than South Korea. The country is gaining so much recognition. Now it could be that the cause of this is the Korean out-of-the-ordinary dramas that have the ability to ensnare an individual’s heart and rub on the mind’s curiosity.

Needless to say that more and more people are talking about South Korea; the beauty of the country, the beautiful tall people who live there. As a result, there has been an influx of tourists to see what the fuss is all about, moreover, South Korea has attracted international students who seem to really not regret their decision to study in South Korea. A lot of international students have quite a fascination with South Korea:

1. High-Quality Education

university students in a classroom

This is no surprise as South Korea has ranked quite high amongst the top universities of the world. The quality of education and high level of seriousness towards education is remarked by the international students who find themselves privileged enough to receive admission into South Korean universities.

The rise of the education level in South Korea has not always been evident as South Korea needed to pick itself up after the last war it encountered, but when you think about how much the county itself has taken the liberty to aggressively invest in educational resources; then it makes sense why all of a sudden its education system is ranked amongst the best.

2. Great Student Accommodation

42share student bathroom
42share student room
42share student housing dining room

South Korean universities are surrounded by a plethora of choices on accommodation for students. If there is one thing a student needs is good accommodation. Most student housing facilities are so well planned that they are within satisfying proximity to grocery stores, schools, parks, and study cafes.

What students love even more is the luxury of necessary furniture like refrigerators, microwaves as well as washing machines. All a student really needs to worry about is food.

3. Spicy Korean Food

spicy Korean cucumbers
spicy korean pork
spicy Korean Potatoes

Behind a happy healthy soul is really really good food. When I think about Korean food the first thing that comes to my mind is a table full of side dishes that look very inviting. Yes not skipping meals is a very big deal in Korea; what will intrigue you, even more, is that the very people who encourage not skipping meals mostly have the most healthy slim looking figures.

There is just no way around it – the spicy Korean food calls your name and the hype around it really lives up to its name. Isn’t it fascinating though that there is so much flavor to go around in Korean food? The food in Korea is all things; fresh, healthy, cooked well, hygienic, and a lot but it is not categorized under junk food.

4. 24hr Delivery Service

Delivery man on a bike
Three students holding fried chicken

Yup, you heard right, you can order food around the clock in South Korea. That’s quite a luxury for students because you will not always have a roommate to help prepare your meals when you can’t and you will not always have time to cook.

This service works very well for university students; during the summer more often than not you will find university students having a picnic on the university grounds and enjoying food deliveries.

There are different apps you can download to easily access 24hr delivery services: Baedal Minjok (Or Baemin) and Yogiyo. What you will find most of the time is that most of the cafes around where you live in Seoul will be registered with these apps, which makes it easy for you to just place an order and get your delivery. One thing you must remember though is making sure you are very precise about your location.

5. Korean Music

oh baby soundtrack

Listening to the above heartfelt music you will definitely get a taste of why Korean music is rapidly becoming quite a sensation around the world. Generally known and referred to as K-pop the music is topping the charts. There are even fan clubs that are composed of people from all over the world giving their adoration to K-pop groups and individual singers. Though most of the music is discovered in k-dramas, it definitely leaves its own mark in your ears and it absolutely tugs at your heartstrings.

6. Entertainment

Multiple bars picture
pc bang picture
Night market picture

There are so many things to do in Korea. The day and nightlife both have so much to offer. From a very lit and exuberant nightlife to the bang culture which comprises of places such as internet cafes that also provide snacks, DVD places where you can watch DVDs and also have a snack, and places such as karaoke rooms and board games. There are specialized food night markets as well as sports bars. Korea has everything for every personality type from socialites to introverts, you will most definitely find something for yourself.

7. Korean Cafes

multiracial students sitting in a coffee shop with their laptos

Korean Cafes are a culture on their own. They are primarily hang-out spots and they have a variety of coffee flavors to choose from as well as other delicacies to go with them that most expats/travelers, as well as students, indulge in. The cafes are structured in such a way that they are relaxed, business and student-friendly. Now let’s talk about Korean coffee- it is a planet of its own, not only does it taste good but you will be amazed about how artistic it looks.

Two very good looking coffees in floral printed glasses with creme
Two cups of coffee, one large glass one, and one small cup. The fluff at the top of the cups is animated with animal images
two large glasses filled with coffee

How can I learn Korean?

Doumi, it is a program that is designed to pair up international students with a Korean native to help enhance their language skills and help international students adapt to Korea

How easy is it to make friends as a foreigner in Korea?

Koreans are generally very friendly people; however, you will really need to show initiative to learn about their culture in order for them to open up to you.

What’s the temperature like in South Korea?

In winter it can get below 0 degrees Celsius and in summer it can go all the way to 40 degrees celsius. So it is possible to experience both extremes of the temperature.colo