After months and months of subscribing to bloggers and reading articles about what blogging is; I finally had an idea of how to become a content editor, how people make money out of it; and it was time for me to take action. There are a ton of articles out there telling you about other people’s experiences on how they started writing, I must say most of them were good.

Some will go further and prompt you to buy the e-courses the writers have compiled in order for you to get more details on how to be a good blogger. While I believe some have really good helpful information, I was just too skeptical to take the paid e-courses; I must also admit I think it’s very smart making a course on what you have succeeded in.

Follow the series:

a) My Remote Content Writing/Editing Journey
b) 7 Tips Become a Content Editor Today
c) What you need to be a good Content Editor
d) The Joy of Content Editing/Writing 
e) Perks of Content Editing at TMK
f) Content Editor/Writer on the job

1. How I joined TMK

As mentioned in my previous article on remote content editing, I actually got an opportunity that I regard as rather fortunate where I was not only introduced to one form of writing but several at a time. I am currently actually still an intern at Takemetokorea. As indicated before, I found the company through a Virtual Internship agency and the internship was only intended to be for only a month; which it was.

However; being as driven as I am, and realizing that a month was actually not enough for me to feel like I was equipped enough to go back on my own; I then personally reached out to the company and requested an extension of my internship. This request was gladly granted and then I turned a new leaf of interning without an agency.

i become an editor at TMK
Official Internship Welcoming at Takemetokorea

As in the picture, my tasks involved content editing as well as digital marketing. I think it is very important to go deeper into what content editing and writing are because I personally had assumed that the two were very different. I associated content editing with just checking for grammatical errors and writing as just blogging. I couldn’t have been more wrong:

2. What is meant by Content Editing/Writing

It is quite important for you to know what you will be doing before you jump right into it. You will be happy to know that a content editor doesn’t just look for grammatical errors but is responsible for the content that is published. A content writer can be both, write and publish the content. Content writing/editing is a profession, it can be an informal/formal one depending on what you write about, but it is a very respectable profession.

Content writers have a very wide ability to produce/write content in different tones and different styles of writing. The content needs to be inviting as well as engaging with bits of humor or any form of entertainment for the targeted audience. I am sure by now ideas are already popping into your head about platforms you can use to write and edit content. After you write, you now put your editing skills to work and review the content to ensure is error-free, makes sense, and is tailored to your targeted audience.

3. Content Writing/Editing Services

Content Editing on a computerter

So now what happens after you decide to learn about content editing/writing, Are you stuck with just writing articles /blogs even if that’s not really your passion? No of course not, content editing/writing is not just about blogging, absolutely not. There is so much more to it.

You can definitely offer your services in any industry you wish. You can be hired by agencies that provide their clients with any content. There are opportunities to be a consultant to support digital publishers with targeted content. Product descriptions for any industry need to be written by someone who has an idea of SEO which is what you will learn about as you get equipped to be a content editor.

What certainly makes content writing a good career option is the fact that even if you do not want to write for yourself- there are constantly a lot of companies that need writers for promotional purposes. This brings us to SEO writing:

4. What is SEO Content Writing

SEO rating in an article
Basic SEO

I know right? The whole term just me blew off; I was not about to learn about computers at this age. But hang in there now; it’s not as bad as you think. The term itself is actually an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. Again that can be a brain freezer if you are not a techie so hang in there; it just simply means making sure your content appears in search engines when people are searching for anything related to your writing.

As indicated in the above picture, there are important steps to be followed in order for you to achieve this; things like the Focus keyword, how this keyword is used in your content, and other tips that go with optimizing your content for search engines.

In simple terms, SEO – which is actually an action you take by implementing certain keywords in your article; ensures that you place your product (your content) in a place where it can be found. You do write so people can benefit from what you are writing after all, not just for yourself, otherwise you can just keep a diary. So what is the intention of making sure people find your article?

5. Why Content Writing is Important for Digital Marketing

Marketing on facebook
content I marketed digitally

Marketing itself is intended to elicit an action response, right? So imagine you want to take a trip to visit my country and you ask me about good places to visit. If all I say to you is “it is a very nice place, with lots of things to see”, and I just leave it at that. More than likely, you still will not have much to go around with that lack of information. What I would have just presented to you is a product with no content attached to it. That could even say to you it doesn’t matter whether you really come to visit me or not.

However, if I take the time and show you pictures of my country and go as far and telling you about activities that you can do in different places, how long it takes to get there and how much you will pay. With that, I would have just sold my country to you. So advertising without content is almost selling you a car without an engine. Yes, it is that important. And, content can be anything from writing to videos and graphics. So content will appeal to the right audience, help you rank on google and it can easily be shared; which means more marketing and brand awareness for you.

So, effectively what content around marketing does is: create brand awareness. This is why you write content with the intention of making people find it; SEO will help drive people to click on your content thus driving traffic to your web page. Traffic will be very important if you are trying to make money from: paid adverts, affiliate marketing from people who see your web page as a place they can use to also make their brand known.

Now let’s get to the meat of this plate:

6. What is Content Writing Internship?

TMK Internship Page
TMK Invitation for interns

An internship can be referred to as ‘on-the-job training’; usually used applicably to people with no experience. So if you are like me and are interested in content writing but have no experience whatsoever in it; this internship is totally a good place to begin when transitioning into newly desired careers or industries. Internships, specifically in content editing/writing would give you the opportunity to learn to create content based on SEO principles; which we have already highlighted as super important.

If you are from any country other than Korea, TMK Internship will be a great experience for you to experience Korea’s strong growth and an incredible business culture which is absolutely incredible, I love it. Koreans exude very strong, inspirational and diverse work ethic. Better yet, you can learn and do all these remotely, like I am doing right now.

7. How you can Join TMK today!!

TMK internship application
TMK application

Isn’t it great? You have the opportunity to actually make it happen today. Now before you apply, it would be good to know what the internship entails and what the requirements are. Amongst other things, an intern at TMK is expected to write one article per week, most of the time on anything Korean- this is where your research skills will really get honed and will eventually benefit you after your internship.

The applicant must be fluent in English and actually know how to write it, or fluent in other Asian languages such a Thai, Vietnamese and etc. You will notice that this position is specifically for blogging, which will lead to tasks such as digital marketing. Now there is nothing more left to do, other than for you to follow this link and apply; I can assure you that you will certainly get the best training and coaching on the job. After this, the world will be your oyster. Check-in for what you need to be a good content editor.

Where can you use Content Writing?

Every industry needs content in order to appeal to its customers, so you can work any where you choose

What experience do I need to intern as a content writer/editor?

Be fluent in languages you will be using to create content and at least know how to use a computer

When can I start content writing/editing after training?

Right away, you don’t need to be hired to be a content writer/editor.