One of the main attractions about South Korea is the fashion sense South Koreans have; fashion shopping surely has to be a very big deal in Korea. With the spread of K-pop and the K-drama wave, one of the things you will hear when people talk about Koreans is the great fashion sense they have. As an aspiring tourist, an expat in Korea, or even an international student studying in South Korea, you may wonder what to do for you to develop and transform your fashion sense. There are many things you can do and even Korean fashion bloggers you can follow, but what we will go into today is where in Korea you can shop to get the look you want.

whowhtwear shopping
College fashion shopping
college fashion

So let’s say you now see the style you would like to wear but you do not know where to go shopping for it, in Korea, there are many ways and places to shop. Maybe you really would like to try the clothes out before buying them, therefore you do not wish to buy online. There are clothing stores to fit every occasion, style, and economic class:

Department Stores Shopping

Department stores are for people who do not mind paying a higher price for the items they want. It is also a place where you can find legit international brands, a personal shopper to help you, and you can pay using a debit/credit card.

To mention a few:

Hyundai Department store shopping
Hyundai Department Store – Youtube

The Hyundai Department Store can be found right at the center of luxury goods commerce. You will find very well-known brands and even unknown elite brands and impeccable customer service.

the Galleria shopping Mall
The Galleria by Archello

The Galleria is inside this enormous outstanding iconic architectural landmark right in Apgujeon in Seoul at to be specific it is at Rodeo street. This street is known to most fashionistas so you will not get lost. The mall is filled with fancy shops that offer a multitude of luxurious brands to choose from and you have a place to sit down and buy some coffee.

Underground Shopping Malls

If you decide you are not looking for pricey legit luxurious brands there is the amazing option of shopping at underground shopping malls. Yes, they are literally underground as the term suggests. And no, it is not a place where you will have to make any under-handed deals, but they are reputable nice places where you can find good clothing at cheaper prices. What will bring you more comfort is that these malls have incredible good amenities and they are easily accessible as they are connected to subway systems. Incredible right? One thing to note is to take cash with you and not rely on a credit card. To mention a few:

Goto mall underground shopping
Goto Mall – Youtube

Goto Mall is one of the most popular underground malls in Gangnam district which is still in Seoul. As the name suggests, it is indeed a mall; with stores for jewelry, household stuff, and even food. If you are looking for clothing just be aware that this mall is mostly known to store women’s clothing. The mall is also very easy to access because it has the express bus terminal attached to it.

Gangnam Underground Shopping centre
Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre: Youtube

Gangnam Underground Shopping Centre is mostly known to have a youthful taste to it. This means you will mostly find young people there to shop for more than a few things that range from clothing, fashion accessories, fashionable shoes, hats, and handbags as well as make-up.

If you find yourself hungry after so much shopping, do not worry about a thing, there are a ton of restaurants right at the mall where you can sit and fill your stomach for some really delightful dishes.

Coex underground shopping mall
Coex Starfield Underground Mall: Travel Stained

This underground mall is Asia’s largest and most exquisite underground mall you will ever find: the Coex Starfield Underground mall. It is an enormous display of incredible architectural skills. You will not only find clothing stores in this mall but it will also serve as an outing experience with the accessibility of the inbuilt aquarium, casinos, and a library if you are looking for a place to relax. It is absolutely amazing and an experience you will never believe is underground. The mall is also very easily accessible and the nearest subway station is Samseong.

Seoul’s Night Markets

Depending on what the purpose of your visit to Korea is; you may not get to do your shopping during the day. But hang in there, Seoul is a city that never sleeps. If you cannot get your shopping done during the day or if you are someone who comes alive at night, you can always do your shopping at night. Now; Seoul is a shopping wonderland with a night market that is not only open for food, but for clothing as well. Which Night markets can you visit first? There really are a lot of night markets:

Dongdaemun shopping
Dongdaemun: by Travelodge Hotels Asia

Dongdaemun night market is a true reflection of Seoul’s nightlife. There is so much life here at night you would even forget that it is nighttime. There are a lot of clothing shops here and you will most probably find the style that suits your taste. The market mostly opens up from 10 pm to around 5 am in the morning, it’s a whole new life, where life goes on just like in the day with restaurants and clothing stores open. It will be good to carry cash when going there as most stores do not have a credit card option.

If you are a fashionista or a bargain hunter, this place is perfect for you. You will find the market around the Dongdaemun History and culture station, all you have to do is to shop till you drop.

Namdaemun shopping
Namdaemun Night Market – By Flickr

Known to be the biggest bargaining section, Namdaeun will provide you with a full range of products from household utensils to clothing as per any style you choose. You will find very experienced vendors here and almost anything that you can put your money to. If you are also open to experiencing something new, you can even buy Korean traditional attire right here. The good thing about this market is it’s not only open at night but runs for a full 24 hours; it’s absolutely amazing. You can easily make your way here through the HoeHyeon Station.

Gwangjang shopping
Gwangjang Night Market by Haute Culture Tours

While this is one of the oldest night markets in Korea, it is still very much alive. This however also means that most of the clothing you can be sure to find here is mostly traditional as the market is known for its versatility in textiles. What will most excite you and add to your experience is the street food you will find here, that sections booms with all sorts of tastes to amaze you. The easiest way to get here depending on which side of town you are from; would most likely be the Jongno 5ga Station.

All these could form experience of a life-time for you.

Can I buy clothes online in South Korea?

Absolutely, there are tons of stores that have the option of online ordering.i

Is Clothing Affordable in South Korea?

It depends on the type of clothing you are looking for, but there is quite affordable clothing

Are Korean Night Markets Safe?

Definitely, they are proper business places, that just happen to function at night.