Korean women are known for their beauty more than anything, nobody says anything about their character because truth be told the first thing that will strike you is their beauty; not only their slim figures which are a big deal in Korea but their ever so flawless, plump, glowing skin.

With the current rapid growth of K-drama industry and its expansion into the rest of the world; the term K-beauty is quickly changing its meaning from just the products derived from South Korea to a goal that every other woman aspires to.

More and more women are becoming aware of the possibility of good healthy skin that can defy age – now that’s what every woman dreams about, and even men, though they will hardly admit it.

Why Korean Beauty?

What is the most amazing thing is that almost all Koreans are aware of which food does what to a person’s body, and their emphasis on collagen maintenance is mind-blowing.

The Holistic approach to skin health is the driving force; from a very young age, children are encouraged to follow a lifestyle that will lead to healthy bodies and healthy skin.

When shaping characters of young girls, emphasis is on the perception that good skin is a reflection of a noble character, I mean I see where that comes from given that character-shaping is a lot of work and intentional, so is good skin.

The reason Korean skin is the “It” thing right now is because of the routine behind it. That alone gives it credibility and assures a person that it is not just an unattainable mythical concept.

Korean Skincare Routine

10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine

Korean Skin Care, long or short has cleansing and hydration highlighted through and through. The routine follows very gentle and extremely effective double to triple cleansing methods.

In the 10 step routine, you will find that the rest of the 7 steps are all about putting moister back into your skin

Most Korean Skin Care routines involve the following:

Oil Cleansing – this is a deep but very gentle way of cleansing, it also works really well for removing makeup

Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells – oh they have to go

Minimizing of Pores through toning

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration, Hydration (essence, serum, moisturiser and, sheet masks)

Prevention and Protection of the skin – Eye cream and Sun Screen

Sheet Mask Application

We know the trending sheet masks that have taken over the world. They are so portable that one can just chuck in their handbags to pull out at recess times.

This way not only does the mind rests but the skin gets a chance to refresh and boost up with what it needs to get through the day.

Are there more secrets to Korean skincare??

I am so glad you asked!!! There most definitely are!!!

The regimen is not only external but equally internal.

Notice I said equally, the glow and health of the skin is are not only dependent on the amount of oil you put nor the number of times you cleanse it – it is the ultimate law of cause and effect, you get out what you put in.

Ancient Skin tips inspired by Koreans:

Food that enhance collagen in your body

1. Fish skin is packed with collagen- Hint Hint. If you do not like fish it would help a great deal to research other alternatives that are high in collagen. You also have Kimchi, steamed and fermented veggies which give the skin a luminous look.

2. Hydration – Intentionally drinking water, especially room temperature clean water might be the best thing you have ever done. Hydrated skin cells will not only keep your skin from cracking or extreme skin conditions but,  will go as far as give your skin a natural glow.

3. The application order of skin products is very important, Refer to the routine picture above.

4. Regular skin massages – not only for glowing skin but also for a facelift. This is a very ancient technique that’s popular throughout Asia. The massage is performed by hands but Koreans have also developed some rollers to assist.

Korean face rollers/massagers

5. Lots and lots of rest – beauty sleep is real

6. Own a humidifier and facial mists to rehydrate whenever you can

7. Do not rub but tap your face with the products – Good application of the products you have will help maximize the effect. Speaking of products,

What Korean Beauty Products are worth buying?

Essence – This step in a routine is important because it primes your skin for moisture thus optimizing hydration at a cellular level. Now Korean Essences are known to contain an active ingredient that is designed to do exactly that.

Serum – Korean Serums are known to be full of vitamins and properties that are hydrating, work as anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants.

Innisfree Serum

Eye Creams – When it comes to wrinkles Asians are the best doctors to consult. From massages to the active ingredients infused in their products; they intricately put together a high-level Alpha combat team to protect the skin. Due to Korea’s ever-changing technological industry, they continually manufacture highly innovative formulas with the finest ingredients.

Are Korean Skin Products Better?

They are certainly different and continually improving.

Skincare is not a luxury in Korea, it is an absolute necessity. With that in mind, companies are constantly coming up with improved products. Korean consumers are not known for willing to spend a fortune on skin products and they have very sensitive skin so that means the manufacturing companies have to employ extremely cautious and intentional methods in the production process of their products.

Where to Order Korean Beauty Products?

Good thing about the internet is the easy access to products globally. There are so many online platforms that offer the opportunity for Korean products. Best way is to figure out which store is closest to you, vat it to ensure it is legit then place an order. PayPal is supported by most platforms so that should feel safe.

Banila Co. Products

Are Korean Skin Products good for any skin type?

Yes, Korean skin products are good for black, brown, light and, dark skin tones. The very heart of the products themselves is focused on intensifying moisture and hydration for the skin on a cellular level for all skin types.

Every skin needs hydration and protection. The science behind it all serves to form as a huge barrier between the skin and any free radicals that intend to cause damage to the skin.

Black Girl Using Korean Skincare Products

Are Korean skin products tested on animals?

The world is moving in a direction where people are becoming life-sensitive. Not just sensitive to the life of humans but a sensitivity focused on all life forms on this planet is also growing.

If this is a factor when making product selection the best way would be for you to directly research the particular product before purchasing it. Most companies have stepped forth and assured their consumers of cruelty-free products, but that does not mean we should not do our own research.

All in all Korean skincare has to be one of the greatest discoveries and inventions. I love it!!!!


What does Cruelty Free mean??

It easy words it means products are not tested on animals.

Which Companies sell Cruelty free products?

Which Korean products are in the 10 step routine?

Oil Cleanser, Foam Cleanser. Exfoliator,  Essence, Sheet Mask, Serum, Moisturiser, Eye Cream, Sun Screen

Do Korean skin care Companies ship worldwide?

Yes, most of them do, find out before placing an order

Do Korean Guys take care of their skin?

Most mean in Korea know about the skincare routine and some do practice it, and their skin certainly look hydrated