Brand K is an exclusive Interview series by TakeMetoKorea(TMK). We introduce interesting consumer product companies ranging from cosmetics to home appliances in Korea to foreign consumers through this project.

Interviewee: The Daebak Company

1. Company

The two CEOs of Daebak, Jo Jang and Howard Cho
  • Company Profile
    • What is the Daebak Company?
      • The Daebak Company is simply a Hallyu community-based e-commerce platform.
    • How did you come up with the name `Daebak Company´?
      • We started off as SnackFever in Los Angeles and then when we came to Korea, we changed it to Fever Guys, and recently to The Daebak Company. Daebak means awesome, amazing. We just thought it sounded cool.
    • What is the company’s mission, vision and what are the company values?
      • Our mission is to inspire, unite, and empower the Hallyu community by delivering “daebak” experiences, while promoting Korean culture.
      • Our vision is to become the go-to multi-channel platform for the global Hallyu community to discover, celebrate, and enjoy everything Korean.
      • Our values are 1. Customer-driven. 2. Teamwork. 3. Quality. 4. Winner mentality. 5. Respect. 6. Ownership. 7. Integrity.
    • What makes the Daebak Company the Daebak Company?
      • We are extremely customer-driven and we have a great company culture.
  • Ceo Interview
    • Who is the person behind the company?
      • The two CEOs are Jo Jang and Howard Cho.
    • What made you start this company? What is your personal motivation?
      • We wanted to promote Korean culture all over the world so we started with Korean snacks at the beginning. We just wanted to get Korea known to the world.
    • What do you wish to achieve in the future?
      • We want to create a multi-channel platform both online and offline where the Global Hallyu community can feel at home.
    • If you could spend a day with any Korean celebrity, who would it be, what would you do and why?
      •   I’d love to meet Nana. I think she’s the most beautiful celebrity in Korea. I’d take her on a date to Hangang.
    • Do you have a few words to say to your subscribers?
      • I just wish them health and safety during these tough times. Everyone’s welcome to visit us when they visit Korea.

2. Products

  • About the Products (Interviewee: Ahro Oh \ Product Manager)
    • What are the products/services the Daebak Company offers?
      • There is the E-Commerce part of the Daebak Service and the subscription boxes. At the E-Commerce part we have products from categories like K-pop, K-drama, K-beauty, K-lifestyle, and for the subscribtion part we have different collaboration boxes, for example recently there has been a collaboration with GS25.
    • How can those products positively impact the user’s life? What kind of people are those products beneficial for?
      • Our main consumers come from the US, are female and 18 to 34 years old. We try to sell products that are not available at the local sites. We want to make all our products easily available to everyone.
    • What are the most popular products and why?
      • Since Kpop is very big these days, especially BTS, their goods are very popular, as well as Kpop lifestyle related goods, that are official goods. Also goods that K-Celebrities use are in high demand and also Korean snacks.
  • Product Reviews
    • What are the subscribers/users thoughts and feelings about the products?
      • For example, one review says `The Daebak Company is not just an E-Commerce platform, it is really a communtity where you can share your ideas and thougts with people who have the same interests as you´. So it is not just a subscribtion, it is more like a family community. Most of our subscribers really like it, because our subscribtion boxes are kind of a mystery boxes, so they get to explore new brands and things they may not knew before.
    • How did it impact their life?
      • Most of our subscribers really like it, because our subscribtion boxes are kind of a mystery boxes, so they get to explore new brands and things they may not knew before.
    • What is their impression about the Daebak Company?
      • I think our company name, Daebak, which means `awesome´ in Korean, is kind of our misssion, as in the image we want to project to the outside and also the impression our subscribers should get of us, and also are getting of us.
    • How do you deal with delivery and shipping problems?
      • Especially after Covid19 we faced some problems with delivery fees increasing and longer shipping time, and usually we try to communicate as honestly as possible with our users. So we tell them what we are facing and ask them for their understanding. Also our team reaches out to individual users, if there is problems with their order and they will also receive discounts for their next order if there is issues. We think communication with our custumors is the key to solving these problems.

The Daebak Team

  • The Employees (Interviewee: Farah Hanani \ Marketing Associate)
    • Who are the people working for the Daebak Company?
      • We are a team of about 10 to 15 people, with and age average of 27 to 30, and most of our team is Korean, but our backgrounds are quite diverse, we have someone who has lived in the UK, someone who has lived in Australia, for me myself, I am from Malaysia and then there is also someone from Spain, etc.,…
    • What are their motivations? Why are they working for the company?
      • We all want to show more of the Korean culture to the world. And we want to share our love for Korean culture with other people around the world.
    • Why do they think the company can help people?
      • It is quite hard to get Korean products online, so we want to help our users get all the products they want to have easily.
    • What is your must have Korean Skincare product? Do you have any secret Skincare Routine tips?
      • I am in love with Banilla Co. Cleansing Balm, it is so good and it is also so adorable. I used to do the 10 Steps skincare routine, but it actually made my skin worse so now I keep it simple and only use a few products. My favorite brands also include KraveBeauty and Cosrx.
  • Join the Community
    • What is the Daebak Community?
      • We have a Facebook group as well as Instagram, thats where we communicate with our audience the most. We call them the Daebak family, and it is really just a safe space to talk about Korean culture.
    • Why should you be a part of the Daebak Community?
      • You can really share anything you want comfortable with our Daebak family. It is summerised a safe space to talk about anything you love.