My love story with South Korea started many moons back when I was introduced to Korean Drama. Before that I was not even interested in South Korea as a country, I knew little to nothing about it. But man alive the dramas can make you feel like you are there. I grew up liking a lot of western movies and most of my culture and my life has western influences because of the amount of western television I was exposed to.

But you better believe my story has changed now. I first watched a Korean drama in 2018 and I was blown away. Wow wow wow, I had never come across something so real, most of the time I felt like I was part of the cast, funny right? I would get angry with them, laugh when they laughed, get as excited as they get, before you know it I was hooked.

Day after day I had to have a dose of K-Drama, it was my drug, my fix, and my calm. Through K-drama, I have come to learn so much about Korean culture and the country itself. If you have never even imagined yourself watching Korean Drama, that’s ok sit right back I have something for you. Let us first start your journey with a few dramas that I think will get you hooked for life:

1. Boys Over Flowers


Think of a classic – yup that’s it right there. An absolutely beautiful drama about a young high school girl, struggling, poor but very loving family. Jan-di is forced by her own life circumstances to accept an offer to attend a very prestigious high school on a sponsorship.

She didn’t want to at first because she knew and expected the other students to look down on her because of her background, but because she would finally get to pursue her passion for swimming in this school she felt she had to at least give it a chance.

Little did Jan-di know or anticipate what struggles she would have to endure just with that decision. It was a decision that changed her entire life; from falling in love with the most desired boy in school- to the having to fight the feelings off then getting ostracised just for being poor and getting the attention of the richest boy in school and then having to navigate a relationship of different classes. Wow, girl be strong!!!

No episode in Boys over Flowers is a disappointment, it is absolutely worth your time and emotions-nothing wasted here. If you enjoy this one we have one more high school drama that you will absolutely love.

2. Inheritors


Ok, brace yourself because you are in for a very exciting ride. Everything about this drama makes it so appealing, but at the top of the list is just how gorgeous the cast is, I mean hello! The main actress has the most beautiful smile and she will captivate you with her noble very conservative nature.

Poor girl finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place when she falls in love with the forbidden fruit. Son and heir to a huge group of companies that marks a quarter of the economy. From the get-go, she knows she won’t survive, well at least not with her class background – so she fights with all her might to rid herself of any romantic aspirations.

Needless to say, she fails dismally as she is ensnared by his charm. Before you know it she has fallen so deep with every moment he has rescued her, every look that has made her heart flutter and she just could not escape the love confessions. Whatever shall she do?!! What will happen to her? can she escape??

3. My ID is Gangnam Beauty


This story is named after a city that is known for plastic surgery. Based on a webtoon story of a girl who was pressured by the bullying she suffered so much that she ended up undergoing plastic surgery. Quite a depiction of the scary lengths people can go to in order to be accepted by society.

As it turns out Gangnam city in Korea is apparently known for plastic surgery in real life, I know that can be a bit discouraging to some, but this drama has a very beautiful message showing that there are still people in this world who will truly love you for who you are and not just how you look.

Mi-rae gets plastic surgery hoping to gain acceptance and popularity for her looks but she is very instantly met by a saddening reality as she enters college; the message was that you should never try to do anything to please other people. Whatever choice you make, make sure it’s for you and not for other people. However, in the end, love comes through for her. I hope you enjoy it.

4. She was Pretty


Have you ever been in such a bad space where nothing is working out for you? You feel like you are getting old but you don’t see what is going on in your life? You had dreams about your life now but you look at yourself and feel foreign to your environment. You used to be hopeful and beautiful but you see none of those right at this moment.

Then this drama is just for you! Full of humor and excitement; you will see how when surrounded by people who love you and wish you well, you will begin to see yourself for you who you really are and have always been. Regardless of what time has stolen from you, what you have lost, or at least think you have lost, who you are at your core never changed.

It is when we see ourselves for who we really are that the world around us seems to change, we feel different, treat ourselves with the love we need, respect ourselves, and then others begin to respect us. Before you know it you are living the best life you ever dreamt of.

5. Healer

Whooo!!! Did you see that??? I think I just need to keep quiet on this one because I will ruin it for you. But trust me, you need to see it. The need for you to see it is like your need for good warm hugging tea, you just have to – no mam no, there is just no way around it. Ok just to give you a hint – it has everything I mean absolutely everything. Drama, Action, Comedy, and Romance.

Forget that I put it at number 5, you had to get through the first 4 to find this, and believe me it is a gem. I wish I could write more but no, no I just wouldn’t do that to you, I refuse to be the bad person, I just won’t !!!

Where can I watch Korean drama?

Netflix has a lot of Korean drama, especially the ones mentioned above, if you are looking for more you can also search VIKIapp and many more sites

Does Korean Drama have English Subtitles?

Yes, more often than not.

Did Korean Actors have Plastic Surgery?

Some of them, not all. But you will find that they were already beautiful and handsome even before.