If you walk the streets of Seoul, you will quickly realize that people care a lot about their fashion and appearance. You will see people who look like they came straight out of a fashion magazine and sometimes it can be hard to keep up with all the new fashion trends. So if you are interested in Korean Fashion and want to step up your Fashion Game, here are my Top 5 Korean Fashion Instagramers to get inspiration from.


@jjinnno is a super aesthetic instagramer and a must follow for everyone interested in Korean Fashion. His appearal is casual, cool and sporty mens street wear.


@siiiido sports a more youthful, college boy look compared to Jino. If you are looking for fresh, everyday university looks he is a very nice page to follow on Instagram.


@keemluv´s style is girly, casual and cute. It is the perfect 20s chic, university girl aesthetic.


@blackup_´s look is sporty, athlethic and hip. Her page is my personal favorite from this list and if you prefer a more boyish look over girly and cute, this is the perfect site to follow.


@tmb_ming is sporting a monocrome, mature and chic look. Her color scheme is black, grey, white and brown and it is perfect if you prefer a more elegant, mature vibe over a cute and playful one.

Are Koreans fashionable?

Yes, Korea is a hot spot for fashion lovers.

How to keep track on new Korean fashion trends?

It is good to check out Korean fashion Instagramers.

How to look cool in Korea?

You can get inspiration on fashion and style from Korean instagram bloggers.