After months of deliberation and falling in love with content editing/writing, specifically blogging; I finally came across the opportunity to get training for blogging at TakemetoKorea. In a couple of months, I literally was learning about content editing from scratch, I knew absolutely nothing about it. I had initially read up from other people’s articles about what blogging may be about and what it would require of me to actually be a reputable content editor, but everything was quite foreign that I wouldn’t have known where to start if it were not for Tamektokorea.

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b) 7 Tips to Become a Content Editor Today
c) What you need to be a good Content Editor
d) The Joy of Content Editing/Writing 
e) Perks of Content Editing at TMK
f) Content Editor/Writer on the job

The Best Welcome Ever

Content Editing welcome email at TakemtoKorea

Above is a picture of an email welcoming me to Takemetokorea. Moreover, there were meetings held to guide me on how the company works, what it is all about and what my duties will entail, who my supervisor will be, and what our way of communication would be as the internship is virtual. Every week had a set-out plan on what the lesson would be, and it gave me more joy because it was exactly in line with what I wanted to learn as an aspiring blogger.

All this was done online as I live on a different continent, which means it does not matter where you live right now, TakemetoKorea (TMK) welcomes interns from all walks of life.

SEO Basic Training/Learning New Skills

SEO basics at TakemetoKorea

When I first came across the concept of content writing; one of the first concepts that glared me in the face and really put me off because it just seemed like I needed to be an IT expert to understand it, was SEO – short for Search Engine Optimisation. Seriously, this term alone is one of the reasons why I thought content writing was meant for IT experts. I am glad I didn’t totally write off the idea over such a trivial fear; only to find out that it’s not as bad or difficult as it is made out to be.

Thank God for TakemetoKorea because that’s where this concept was simplified for me and other concepts that are floating around on the internet. So what I came to understand and appreciate is the importance of SEO because you actually want your content to rank when people are searching about anything related to it.

Some of the new skills you will definitely learn as an intern for TMK are: email marketing, social media marketing, web hosting, and content management.

Learning from a Team of Experts

TakemetoKorea is a company that runs an online platform for a number of business aspects. It has become a hub of information about anything Korean, which makes it a go-to place for anything you want to know about Korea. Needless to say that if you get a chance to work here, it is probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity where you will actually learn from the experts of the content editing industry. The people you will find there have been doing this for an admirable length of time that you can trust what they have to say.

Refined Research Skills

One of the skills that is an absolute necessity if you decide to be a content editor is research skills. Working for TMK will give you an opportunity to learn from people who have done this for years; how to develop and put into practice research skills that will benefit your work.

Remember just because you decide to blog does not mean that you are now an expert in the area that you will choose to blog about; however you can become an expert at researching the needs of your niche, if there are other people already providing the solution you are looking to provide, you will also need to do extensive research on the solution they provide and on the one that you will choose to come up with.

You do not need to have a college degree to learn how to do research, but you do need to be keen to learn. In the end, this will make you a well-rounded individual who is aware of a lot of things.

Building your Confidence/Gain Exposure

If you have decided you are going to be a blogger, I am sure you are probably aware by now that you will need your own website or your own platform where you can write. When this is the first time venturing into something that is probably so different from how you have lived your life; it can be a bit scary and intimidating. You may even hesitate to start because there could be a lot of doubt and questions you could ask yourself not knowing what to expect. I totally understand, I have been there.

Until I began my internship with TMK; I was still a bit timid but what helped is that I had a supervisor that was there with me all the way. Other people don’t need their hand to be held and they are a little braver, but I was not. That actually gave me the opportunity to start with baby steps. With the first few articles, I had to go over them with my supervisor for critique purposes, but that’s exactly what I needed.

This helped me so much that I now do not need constant supervision, I am well on my way to where I want to be, my confidence is growing day by day as I write and get feedback that is very affirming and building.

Moreover you will gain a lot of exposure with minimal risk, since you will have a lot of guidance and:

TakemetoKorea Support

Content editor meeting at TakemetoKorea

After you become a TMK intern, the support is tremendous. Not only will you be assigned a supervisor that will guide you each step of the way but you will be given constant opportunity to grow. New challenges will be steered your way and you will have regular meetings to discuss challenges, opportunities, and new tasks.

You will from this point have gained a community of supporters who wish you well and you would have formed alliances in the same industry you wish to continue on. It is truly an amazing opportunity and experience of a lifetime.