When you know nothing about something you do not even consider that it can bring you joy. Content editing/writing has been that thing for me, never in a million years did I ever think that I would be content editing/writing today and actually enjoying it.

I never considered myself good at writing, I loved to read – but I never imagined that one day I would want to write something for people to read. We should all be grateful for the age we live in where technology has exposed us to so many possibilities and the new ways we never thought we could work or do life.

I really do enjoy my newly found passion; content editing/writing. I think it has a very classy sound to it as well, wouldn’t you agree? However there is so much more to gain from content editing/writing other an elegant title, that can bring you joy:

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Remote Work

remote work, the joy of content editing/writing

One of the things I could not stand is the eight to five work schedule in my previous corporate life. Not only was I working strict hours but I was waking up every day at the same time, going to the same place, and doing the same thing. Monotony is really one of my pet peeves, I absolutely cannot stand it. Yes, I believe in consistency-we need it in this life, but I need something new now and then.

Content editing/writing, in my case which is specifically blogging; has really given me the opportunity to work from anywhere. With the current pandemic and state of the world; I know a lot more people can identify with the liberation of working remotely. The joy of content editing is, even if you are not doing it just for blogging, the type of work really does not need you to go into the office. Many companies are hiring content writers who can work remotely.

You can be a global employee like I am. I live in Africa and work for a company in South Korea, without actually having to move there. I get to personally homeschool my daughter and find time to do my work. Research has shown that there are a whole lot of benefits to remote work that bring harmony and balance to life.

Be your Own Boss

lady boss, joy of content editing/writing

Oh yes, that’s me now, I am the boss. I do not know if I would have eventually become my own boss if I were still in the corporate world, some people do, but now I own my life and schedule to a greater extent than before. I may intern here and there to learn new skills but the idea is to eventually do my own thing. This has given me the opportunity to fully assess my own abilities, see where I need help, evaluate my strengths and weaknesses and then decide which skills I will develop.

It is a lifetime opportunity for me to take time out and truly see myself for where I am, what I have and do not have, and then give myself a chance to go after what I want. In the process not only do I discover myself but I increase my own confidence in my desired field and start building my presence in it.

I am now my own personal brand/business. I objectively see myself as an asset to my own company and work at getting rid of habits that can be a liability in my content editing goal and my life as a whole.

Platform to Share your Passion

Passion is what can get you through bad times and make you enjoy the good times of your life. Every role needs someone that is passionate about it and that takes the time to enhance it. I know I need passion in order to be a good content editor, but blogging has also afforded me the platform to share my passions.

When you choose your niche in blogging, make sure it is about something that you love, this way you will have more to give. Yes to be successful in your blog you will definitely need a lot of traffic; which means you will need to write about stuff that people care to know about. There are so many things out there that can create intrigue and interest in people to actually follow your work. Find out what you love and, which also happens to be what people are interested in, if they are not yet interested – find a way to make get them interested.

Anything is possible.

Worldwide Exposure

reaching the world brings joy to content editign

Can you imagine that someone in some part of the world can be reading what you wrote, It’s mind-blowing, right? When you know you have something to say or offer and you get to give what you have to someone you have never even met; that truly has to be fulfilling. Blogging does not only have to be about saying something, it can also be about what you have to show. You do not have to be a wordsmith to blog. If you are an artist, share your work and tutor through your blog, if you love cooking share that with the world.

The next thing you know, you would have made a very big difference in this world just by being yourself. Accept who you are and then share it with the world, there’s value in anything that makes you happy, it can change me too. It will not be too long before you have created your own online community of people all over the world who cannot wait to hear or see what you have to offer, and it will be your heart.

Learning and Making Money

learning brings you joy in content editing
making money for the joy of content editing/writing

When you put passion into anything you do, you open yourself to learning, when there is continuous learning you won’t come to a point where you feel like you have reached the ceiling. With the amount of research you have to make in order to learn your audiences’ needs and then look for ways to meet those needs; you will find yourself with a wealth of knowledge that will actually affect your perspectives in life. You will also learn how to use the computer in more but simple ways.

What you will find even more fulfilling is that you can share your passion and also that you can make money online while doing it. Companies are actually looking for platforms to advertise their products and when you have a blog you can make money from affiliate marketing or paid adverts. So this is actually a paying job, you do not need to have a passion on the side and a job that feels like a chore on the other. Every effort matters in content editing/writing, every attempt has the potential of not only bringing you joy but also help you make a living, a very good living if I may add.