Just like in the end of a mystery in a fairy tale, when it comes to spring all creatures seems to rise again!. After the freezing winter, flowers start to bloom, dry plants start greenish, and the temperature gets warmer. You won’t miss a sight without a colorful view!

Still hesitate to visit South Korea during Spring season? Here’s some facts that you won’t miss out: 

Numerous Flower Festivals  

Various flower festivals are held during the spring season in South Korea.  Jinhae Gunhangje Festival is the biggest one that you have to visit! There are several  events such as Yeojwacheon Starlight Festival, Sokcheonhang Port Multimedia Fireworks Show, Black Eagles Air Show, Joseon Dynasty Victory Parade, Jinhae Military Band and Honor Guard Festival and if you are a couple you have to go to Yeojwacheon Stream’s cherry blossom road.

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If you’re looking for anti mainstream yellow vibes spring scenery, Gurye Sansuyu Festival is perfect for you. It is located in the base of Jirisan Mountain,  Jeollanam-do Province. There are several experience booths that you can enjoy such as making liquor out of cornus fruit (cornelian cherry fruits) and Makgeolli (Korean traditional rice wine).

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You want to experience both pink and yellow scenery? Go to Jeju Island!. Find spectacular mix scenery between canola flowers and cherry blossoms.  Best time to visit is from mid-March to early April. 

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Other than that, you could also get purple scenery  by enjoying the beauty of Azalea Flowers. Visit Goryeosan Azalea Festival. If you like hiking, go hiking at the  Jirisan Mountain Royal Azalea Festival and Hwangmaesan Mountain Royal Azalea Festival. It is a wonderful sensation to see thousands of royal azalea covering the mountain. However, you can also enjoy the scenery in the herb valley. 

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Wonderful thing you can also experience is the beauty of the Tulip and Rose!. Taean Tulip Park presents the largest flower festival in Korea and offers excellent photo opportunities. If you want to feel europe-korean sensation, the Everland Tulip Festival is perfect for you.  Over 1.2 million tulips in 100 different varieties such as, Synaeda Blue, Apeldoorn, and  Pink Diamond will be on display. It gives us a real feel european sensation as the existence of Holland Village. Just after the tulis Festival, you can enjoy Rose festival in everland. Roses mostly bloom in early May until mid June. Other rose festivals are Samcheok Rose Festival,Gokseong International Rose Festival, and Ulsan Grand Park Rose Festival. 

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Delicious Seasonal Food  

In South Korea, Spring means time for strawberries! This sweet-sour  and refreshing fruits just make this season even more perfect. Several Cafes, Bakery, and Patisseries have their strawberry special menu on this season.  You can also experience  Strawberry Picking and  Jam Making fresh from strawberry farms. You can find these opportunities in family owned small strawberry farms or tourism sites like Garden of the Morning Calm, Nami Island, Petite France, Vivaldi Park, and many more.

Seafood lovers would really love what I would tell you in this paragraph. Yup! Octopus and Crab!. Jjukkumi, traditional Korean Octopus cuisine, is best served in this season as its head is filled with eggs. Crab lovers could fulfill their craving by visiting Uljin & Yeongdeok as a crab festival will be held there.You could explore best quality crabs, fishing and even eating competition!

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Lantern Festival

Yeon Deung Hoe (Lotus Lantern Festival) is a three days annual festival for the celebration of Buddha’s birthday. It is held in Jongno Street, Cheonggyecheon Stream, Jogyesa Temple and Bongeunsa Temple, Seoul. You can see several performances,  lantern making and food sampling. The spring sensation is getting stronger as there are lots of lotus lanterns. Besides, there are also other lantern shapes such as dragon, elephants, and other Buddhist visuals. 

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As entering the new season, most stores have their own special discount to welcome spring. Some others also have spring special edtion merchandises.


Seoul In Spring: Best Things To Do And To Eat | March, April, May & June
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School Vibes ! 

After winter break the school starts for spring semester. Other than visiting Korea in winter and summer time, you can see school kids with cute uniforms just like on K-drama!.  Wonder how korean students daily live?  You could see them going to school, hanging out in the mall, studying at the cafe, and other daily activities.

Visiting South Korea in the spring season could give you a rejuvenating experience of South Korea. If you intended for a long vacation, you could visit Korea from the end of january. You could really feel the environment waking up after slowing down during the winter season. 

Korean School Uniform Photo Snaps - Hongdae Area
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Spring in South Korea brings wonderful joy with different kind of amusements. Visiting South Korea in this season would be perfect. As you can feel the excitements even from the awaking environment to spirit of the people. Spring in South Korea brings wonderful joy with different kinds of amusements. Visiting South Korea in this season would be perfect. As you can feel the excitement even from the awakening  environment to the spirit of the people. So , who do you want to spend this joyful experience with ?

Frequently Asked Question

Are those festivals for free?

Since most of them are open-public season it is free. But if it helds by a private organizer, you have to pay for the ticket.

How’s the current Covid-19 situation?

Until now, there are still several Covid-19 Protocols including social distancing. In that case, several festival might be cancel. But don’t worry! you still can enjoy the beauty scenery of the flowers!

What should I wear in this season?

If you visit South Korea in March the temperature is still quite chilly. Make sure you bring a comfortable jacket. Weather on April-May should be warmer. You could prepare a lighter jacket and comfortably wearing sneakers or closed shoes.