Seoul is a city that never sleeps. In every corner, at every time of the day there is something going on, people running around, cars honking, music playing from speakers… But where can you go if you want to take a break from this fast-paced lifestyle, relax and take a breath of fresh air? Here I listed for you my Top 5 Places to go for a nice, relaxing walk in Seoul.

Yeouido Hangang Park

Yoeuido Hangang Park is one of the many park sites along the Han River that flows through the middle of Seoul. It is a popular hang-out spot for people of all ages and easily reachable by bus and subway. Not only taking a walk along the river but also renting a bike, playing basketball or picknicking with friends are all activities you can enjoy at Yoeuido Hangang Park.

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Namsan Park

Namsan Park is a small mountain located in the middle of Seoul and home to the Seoul Tower, a famous tourist attraction, on its peak. Beautiful walking paths lead to the top of the mountain, but if you are not a fan of walking uphill, you can also just ride the Namsan Cable Car to the top and then look around Seoul Tower while enjoying the great view of Seoul.

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  • Access: Since the park is very large there are various bus and subway stations, best is to look it up on Naver Maps
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Naksan Park

Naksan Park is a great place for people who like to hike, since it is located on a small hill in Jongo-gu, Seoul. It is famous for its night view of Seoul and along the walking trail there are some cute coffee shops and bars to enjoy a drink or two. A special thing is the old palace wall that stretches all across the hill making it also a nice tourist attraction.

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Gyeongui Line Book Street

Gyeongui Line Book Street is a walking trail starting at Hongik University Subway Station and reaching all the way to the Gyeongui Line Forest in Yeonnam-dong, offering people a nice break and relaxation from the hectic city life. Along the trail there are nice small shops and coffees and as the name suggests, also a lot of book stores and book-themed displays.

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Insadong and Gwanghwamun Square

Gwanghwamun Square and the area around it, Insadong, are very nice if you want to explore the more ancient, traditional side of Seoul. While walking, you can take in the view of the breathtaking Gyeongbokgung palace that is located in the middle of Seouls skyscrapers and modern buildings. Also, the neighborhood of Insadong offers very cute ancient alleys and builings definitely worth cheching out.

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