What time is it?? It’s summer time! That’s right, summer is just right around the corner.  I know, I know, we are in a pandemic so we can’t really enjoy it. But hey, don’t let COVID-19 take your summer spirit away. Let’s get ready to enjoy the sun, even if it is just for a short trip to the grocery store!

1. COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

This sunscreen is the bomb! Not only that it protects you from the UV rays but it is also extra smooth and soothing. Because of its SPF50+, it protects your skin for a longer time compared to other products. Its PA+++ is also designed to protect your skin from extremely strong UV radiation. Perfect a pool party…in the backyard!

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

2. Twilly

Believe me when I tell you that you want to have this, because you do! Summer means less casual t-shirts and flowy dresses, but is there a way to spice up that basic summer look? Well, a twilly is all you need. Twillies are super versatile, they can make your professional attire look more sophisticated, give life to a boring t-shirt, spice up a simple dress, make your bag look extra expensive, and be your best friend on a bad hair day. So, are you online shopping for a twilly already?

Different ways to wear a Twilly

3. Fruit Flavored Soju

One of the reasons why I look forward to the summer is the refreshing summer cocktails, and I am pretty sure a lot of you are nodding your heads reading that. Fruit flavored soju gives off a really summery vibe, and it is super versatile. You can drink it as it is, or be made as the base for your summer cocktail.

Some cocktail recipes to spice up your summer!

4. Shaved Ice machine

Sunblock? Check. A fashion statement? Check. Booze? Check. What else? Patbingsu! If you want to enjoy summer exactly like the locals in South Korea, you should definitely get one of these shaved ice machines. They are super affordable and you can get one almost at any online store like amazon or gmarket for as low as 15 dollars! A pretty good deal, huh?

A shaved ice machine that you can find online

5. Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick

This lipstick is totally a must-have for the summer. It has a beautiful color that matches the vibrant season, and it is super pigmented so it will last you the entire summer! Park Min Young from the K-drama titled, “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” also wore this lipstick in the OR417 color at a recent press conference.  

Shiseido Rouge Rouge Lipstick